I reached a fateful milestone in my life – 50 years – and was diagnosed with stage four cancer (melanoma) by doctors.

My life was flashing like a roller coaster — surgeries, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and the persisting question — how to survive and live completely healthy and feel comfortable in the world around me.

This went on for three long years; I felt constant stress and depression and was parting with life. Until, quite by accident, I came across the oncopsychotherapy method on the Internet, knowing there are no accidents, I came to an appointment with Vlad Svetoch Psychology Center.

To say that I felt better was to say nothing.

The quality of my life began to change for the better immediately after the first session, and having mastered the techniques taught to me in Vlad Evgenievich’s center, I began to successfully overcome all stressful moments in my life. Like a breath of fresh air after a stuffy room, my life changed, and I began to look at many things from a completely different angle. The feeling of absolute comfort and impossibility of inflicting psychological trauma on anyone instilled even more confidence in me; I knew that nothing’s impossible. The result was a complete remission of the disease. Endless gratitude to Vlad Evgenievich — for everything that he has done for me and continues to do. Now I can do whatever I want.

Sincerely, Vadim, 53

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