Individual Course of Systemic Oncopsychotherapy

Eliminating the roots of the disease and defeating cancer!

Provided the patient expresses unconditional desire, an individual course of systemic oncopsychotherapy allows to radically and effectively solve the problem of cancer.

This means that as a result of the joint efforts of the systemic oncopsychologist and oncologist, you get a real opportunity not only to lead the disease to a remission, but to completely get rid of it!

We are positive that this is a very interesting prospect, given that today cancer is not treated.

Moreover, no radical medicine or other physical cure for cancer can ever be found. By the way, the meaning of the word TREATMENT speaks for itself — it is a process aimed at alleviating, removing or eliminating the symptoms and manifestations of a disease or injury, pathological condition or other disability.

Medicine deals only with treatment — that is, the impact on the symptoms and manifestations of the disease — without affecting the root cause of the disease. But it is precisely the root cause that governs all the processes of the onset and development of cancer. Therefore, it is clear that it becomes the source of subsequent relapses of the disease. Without eliminating the root cause, it is impossible to cope with the disease.


Individual Course of Systemic Oncopsychotherapy

Vlad Svetoch

Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.), systemic oncopsychologist

But what is the root cause and where to look for it?

It is known that the brain controls all the vital processes and the state of the body as a whole. But the brain is just the controlling part of the body and it cannot function on its own, without a specific program. For each of us, such a program is the psyche. The psyche is not the starting point, however, because the mental state depends entirely on the person’s worldview.

It is the worldview that is the root cause determining practically everything in a person’s life, including health, happiness, success, and prosperity. The way of thinking and lifestyle of each individual person depends entirely on their worldview. There is a saying: “A sound mind in a sound body.” But if the worldview is unhealthy, then the disease will not take long.

Systemic oncopsychologists differ from ordinary oncopsychologists in that they correct the worldview, and do not deal with individual problems. Only systemic correction of the psyche allows to radically change the worldview — in our case, the root cause of cancer.

Medicine classifies oncological diseases as psychosomatic disorders of a psychogenic nature. This means that the disease occurs, for the most part, precisely because of the negative impact of psychological factors. Such an effect, in turn, leads to the weakening of the immune system, disorders of the vegetative system, malfunctions of metabolic processes and, as a consequence, violations of the genetic code.

As a tool for systemic psychological correction, systemic oncopsychotherapy allows to radically change the situation with the treatment of cancer and, ultimately, completely get rid of it.

Regardless of the stage of the disease, it is recommended to immediately begin a course of systemic psychological correction, because the root causes are already manifesting themselves and will certainly make themselves felt. Don’t expect it all to just go away. It won’t go away! If you encounter such a disease, you need to do something essential in order to change yourself.

An individual course of systemic oncopsychotherapy allows to correctly choose the right approach to each individual person (“find the keys”) for a comfortable restoration of the healthy functioning of one’s body and mind. The course includes a cluster of mental techniques and psychoenergetic exercises that help a person come to a healthy way of thinking and, as a result, a healthy lifestyle. During the course, the psychoemotional and physical state changes positively. Already at the first sessions you will feel the inner strength and gain confidence in achieving the desired result. Further throughout the course, you will use methods and exercises as means to bring yourself to your desired state of health.

Remember, no one can be healthy for you! Even God cannot wish something for a person, despite the fact that He can do anything with them!