Is it possible to get rid of cancer without treatment?

Избавиться от рака без лечения. Возможно ли это?

First of all, I want to say to the overly critical readers that in this article we are not going to tackle the topic of cancer in children, because it has unique qualities which I previously discussed in my posts.

With that in mind, let us proceed.

Cancer is a disease that occurs in adults, but not suddenly and not abruptly. Instead is comes as a product of their lifestyle. In turn, it is lifestyle that determines what one eats and does, and how one treats oneself and the surrounding world. Hence, the conclusion:  cancer, as a disease, is just a consequence of a one’s way of life. And since it is a consequence, treatment itself does not cure cancer. “Treatment is a process whose purpose is to alleviate, relieve, or eliminate the symptoms and manifestations of a disease,” according to Wikipedia.

The logic is quite clear: one can only get rid of cancer completely by radically changing one’s lifestyle.  Doing so takes dealing with one’s inner world. At the same time, it should be understood that once the cancer has appeared it would be better to simultaneously treat both the symptom and its root cause, which is hidden within the human psyche.

The truth is that sometimes people who come to me for help, for one reason or another, do not wish to undergo cancer treatment.  At the end of the day, it is their choice and so I do not press the issue, although I warn them that it is they that bear personal responsibility for their own lives. But even to those who refuse treatment and only engage in systemic correction of the psyche, I recommend attending medical check-ups to at least monitor the recovery process.

Therefore, the question on whether it is possible to get rid of cancer without treatment is not the one that should be asked, because steps to eliminate the disease through systemic onco-psychotherapy have a different goal compared to cancer treatment.

Still, it is possible to completely get rid of cancer only after a total elimination of its psychological causes, i.e. cancerous roots hidden within one’s mindset.

Stay healthy! Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Is it possible to get rid of cancer without treatment?

Vlad Svetoch

Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D), Practicing psychologist, systemic oncopsychologist. READ MORE

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