That’s What Makes Us Different

So what distinguishes us from others?

In order to better understand this, first you need to understand why there is a need for oncopsychologists, and how can they help in solving problems associated with cancer?

It is known that today almost every oncology clinic has oncopsychologists. Their job is to help patients of these clinics overcome psychological problems that directly lead to the onset of the disease. At the same time, they help sick people come to discover peace of mind, calmly accept the disease as a given, and stop panicking. Yes, indeed, the classical (generally accepted) approach to oncopsychology can weaken the impact of negative emotional and psychological factors. As a result, patients come to their senses and begin to accept treatment with understanding and responsibility, which, in turn, has a positive effect on the results of medical measures.

Вот что отличает нас

But this, in fact, ends the possibilities of the classical (generally accepted) oncopsychology. As a result of interaction with an ordinary oncological psychologist, no radical changes occur in the psyche of the cancer patient; after all, the work was carried out directly with the stated problem. In the framework of the classical approach, psychological assistance is reduced only to the elimination of symptoms. In this case, any other psycho-emotional problem can cause a new surge in the development of the disease. From this, we can conclude that even the most effective work on solving psychological problems cannot significantly affect the state of the psyche as a whole. But it is precisely the psyche that is the control program for the human body.

Now let’s briefly talk about where oncological disease originates from.

It is established that cancer is a psychosomatic disorder of a psychogenic nature. This means that the main cause of the disease are negative psychological factors, which, in turn, lead to a significant weakening of the immune system and functional disorders in the functioning of the whole body, including its genetic component.

Each person has their own nature (localization) of the disease. As the saying goes, “the thread breaks where it is weakest.” What appears on the surface in the form of a specific symptom of the disease is just a consequence of the unhealthy state of the cancer patient’s mind. In the conventional sense, the treatment only has an effect on the manifestation of the disease, but in no way affects the prime cause — that is, the roots of the disease that stem from the human psyche. That is why no medicines have been found so far and can never be found to completely eliminate cancer. Medicine, by definition, cannot correct the state of the worldview and psyche of a person, because this applies exclusively to the field of psychology. It is completely logical that only a radical elimination of the psychological root causes of cancer while conducting effective medical interventions can lead to a complete and irrevocable elimination of the disease as a whole — with high probability.

The root cause of cancer is the unhealthy state of the psyche. It is known that the development of processes associated with the multiplication of cancer cells can occur spontaneously and with great speed. Oncologists often say that the main thing is timeliness. That is why we should not spend valuable time on solving psychological problems that arose earlier as a result of painful manifestations of an unhealthy psyche. We should immediately begin a systemic psychological correction, which allows to positively change the patient’s condition and create conditions for subsequent recovery as soon as possible.

The radical difference between us and others lies precisely in the fact that we are using a system-centered rather than a problem-centered approach to solving problems with cancer. As an instrument of systemic psychological correction, systemic oncopsychotherapy based on the author’s method has no analogues in the world and is our know-how in working with cancer patients. This is the radical distinction of psychological assistance provided at our center.

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