Online Oncopsychotherapy — a Method of Complete Recovery from the Disease

Vlad Svetoch’s method is a unique system of recovery from the disease.

It has been established that cancer is a psychosomatic disorder of a psychogenic nature. This means that the main cause of the disease is an unhealthy psyche. It is urgently necessary to combine the efforts of medicine and psychology to effectively solve such an important problem as cancer treatment. Unfortunately, this has not yet been done; moreover, medicine devalues psychology in the treatment of cancer and puts it in the position of only an auxiliary tool.

This is where we can find an explanation why, so far, no radical means have been found to get rid of such a fatal disease as cancer. After all, medicine is not able to influence the causes of diseases that have psychological roots and therefore are not amenable to medical exposure. Medicine is designed to eliminate or alleviate only the symptoms (manifestations) of diseases; that is, some visible things.

More and more people are beginning to understand and accept the importance of psychology, especially in developed countries, where psychology and medicine are put on the same level in value. However, in our country there are already quite a few people who begin to think deeply about the causes of their illness and understand that these reasons are not only in the body, but also in the mind.

Online Oncopsychotherapy — a Method of Complete Recovery from the Disease

Online Oncopsychotherapy — a Method of Complete Recovery from the Disease

Not everyone who needs the help of an oncopsychologist lives in Moscow. On this basis, one of the most demanded services of our center is remote oncopsychotherapy, which uses the innovative method of systemic psychogenetic correction, authored by the famous Russian psychologist, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Vlad Svetoch.

In short, the essence of this method is first to eliminate the source of cancer, which originates in the deeper layers of the psyche, and then, having destroyed the psychological roots of the disease, stop the spread of the cancerous tumor, to then completely get rid of the disease in the process of fundamental changes in the psyche.

It is known that the treatment of cancer offered by medicine is aimed at eliminating the symptoms (manifestations) of the disease, but not at all at the source of the disease itself, which is in the human psyche. However, this applies to the treatment of any disease. It must be well understood that it is impossible to fundamentally change the human psyche and worldview with the help of medicine. By definition, medicine is intended only to treat diseases, which, in turn, are just a consequence of psychological disorders. That is why no effective anti-cancer drugs have been found so far (even after thousands of years).

Today, there is still a serious problem that does not allow for the effective treatment of diseases. People do not want to recognize the importance of psychology in nosology (the branch dealing with the classification of diseases.). And it will be impossible to defeat cancer until humanity turns to face this problem. We did not want to “sit around and wait indefinitely,” so we ourselves began to search and found a way to defeat cancer. This way is oncopsychotherapy on Vlad Svetoch’s method. This method has been used for over 10 years. Its results exceed all expectations. Almost everyone who completed the full course and conscientiously completed tasks and followed the recommendations of a specialist, got rid of the disease. There are already hundreds of such people.

But this is only the beginning. Given the popularization of this method and the desire of the patients themselves, getting rid of the disease will be quite simple. However, it is no longer a question of remission, but of complete release from the disease.

And now let’s talk about the effectiveness of remote oncopsychotherapy. For more than 10 years of practical use of this form of work, it has been established (according to the responses of the patients themselves), that there is no difference in the degree of impact when working through Skype. The most important thing is to ensure high-quality and uninterrupted communication. Indeed, it was found that when working through Skype, a person has three main representative systems: visual, audio, and kinesthetic. The only difference between telework and face-to-face meetings is the reduced overview. But this shortcoming is compensated by the enormous energy of a specialist who interacts with the patient from a distance.

For more than a ten-year period of work, we have fairly reliably contacted both patients from the USA and Canada, as well as with patients from most countries of Europe. Moreover, very often they turn to us from different parts of Russia, as well as from neighboring countries. As a rule, positive energy during remote interaction allows to maintain good communication quality.

Skype Session Conditions

If you decide to use the remote oncopsychotherapy service via Skype, please note the following:

  • Ensure stable internet access;
  • Install Skype, if you don’t have it, and check the operation of the equipment (microphone, headphones, camera);
  • Contact us in a way convenient for you: by phone +7 (495) 765-02-04; Viber or WhatsApp: +7 (967) 252072-60; by e-mail:
  • Pay for consultation;
  • After coordination of interaction make sure that no one violates your privacy on the appointed day and hour of the Skype session;
  • Get in touch with a psychologist at the agreed time.