Consultation with a Systemic Oncopsychologist

In the Russian society, visiting any psychologist is not in the framework of habitual behavior. Rather, it can be called an unusual phenomenon, and therefore, most often people feel constrained and stressed when there is a need to consult a psychologist. At the same time, most do not have a clear understanding of why a psychologist is needed and how they can be useful — especially if we are talking about a systemic oncopsychologist. The lack of clear criteria regarding the qualifications of psychologists creates the prerequisites for the appearance of those who have neither relevant experience nor education. As noted above, it is not customary to contact a psychologist with our “troubles” — other methods of solving problems are much more familiar. For example, a heart-to-heart talk with a friend or with a random companion, group gathering and sharing of grief accompanied by consumption of alcohol etc. People are used to keeping their psychological problems to themselves rather than turning to a good psychologist for help. But it’s hard to argue that one cannot do the surgery on themselves. A good psychologist is a healer of the soul. Visiting a psychologist can be a turning point in human life and dramatically change one’s future destiny. 

Consultation with a Systemic Oncopsychologist

Professional psychological assistance is an opportunity to restore and maintain health, because the state of the body depends, first of all, on the state of mind.

Abroad, psychologists are equal to healthcare specialists. It is common for people to go see a family psychologist to solve family problems and have their child see a psychologist. At 60, if they experience certain psychological difficulties associated, for example, with an age crisis, they consult а gerontopsychologist. Foreign psychologists practice in hospitals, helping patients solve psychosomatic problems that, of course, arise in sick people.

In Russian society, the culture of consulting a psychologist remains extremely low. When it comes to an oncopsychologist, especially a systemic one, many cancer patients are surprised and wonder why they are needed at all and how they can help. We’ll try to answer this question in order to dispel doubts about the importance of a systemic oncopsychologist and give a clearer understanding to those who visit our site. You are here for a reason. You are here because you are not satisfied with what you have now and you are looking for other opportunities to help yourself or your family and friends. Consider yourself lucky; you have the opportunity to take advantage of the offer for an unconditional victory over the disease. But remember that this or that opportunity is given only once in a lifetime, and if you do not use it now, you may no longer have it in the future. One philosopher said: “You can't step into the same river twice.” The decision is yours!

So who is a systemic oncopsychologist?

In short, a systemic oncopsychologist is a specialist who works not with current problems, but with a system (with the worldview and the psyche as a whole), which leads to the emergence of certain psychological and psychosomatic problems. A systemic oncopsychologist will not only help to cope with a whole range of negative experiences that a person with cancer faces, but also work to eliminate the roots of the disease. The cause of cancer is always hidden in the worldview that determines the person’s lifestyle. Oncopsychologists (private practitioners or those working at oncology centers) usually use a problem-centered approach — that is, they delve into old and new psychological problems together with the sick person. At best, it gives some positive result, bringing the patient to their senses. A good oncopsychologist can reduce the negative feelings of a cancer patient and their relatives, make them accept a new body after a surgery, believe in the need for treatment, and recognize and release resentment or guilt, finding them in a negative experience of the past. However, in this case, neither the worldview, nor the psyche, which are the systems of perception and reproduction of the surrounding world and oneself in this world, change in the person. This means that values, beliefs, and habits do no change; therefore, there is a new psychological problem in place of the previous one. Thus, we lose time, which is so expensive when it comes to cancer. Even if we consciously psyche ourselves up to the fact that everything will be fine, trying to mentally convince ourselves that we will recover, a worm of doubt, which sits in every person’s brain, will prevent us from getting a positive result. We get what we are afraid of. After all, the unconscious sphere determines our life by 99%, and consciousness — by only 1%.

But in order to “clean” what is hidden in the depths of the psyche, it is not necessary to delve into the distant past, as classical oncopsychologists usually do. It is enough to change (adjust) the psychological program that controls the body. As a result, the worldview becomes healthy, which means that the perception of the world also becomes healthy. Such a psychological program allows not only to restore health, but also to feel the quality of life. As a rule, people with a healthy psyche practically do not get sick, which means that they are less susceptible to environmental influences. It is known that the immune system significantly affects the adaptive capabilities of the body, and all this is directly dependent on the human psyche.

This is exactly what a systemic oncopsychologist does; they help the cancer patient to make the worldview resourceful, and the psyche healthy enough; in addition, they help undergo medical treatment easily and with maximum health benefits. As a rule, as a result of such a combined impact of systemic psychology and medicine, the person gets rid of the disease irrevocably.

Consulting a Systemic Oncopsychologist in Moscow

The oncopsychologists of our center work according to the method of systemic psychological correction by famous psychologist, Doctor of Psychology Vlad Evgenievich Svetoch. The method has proved its effectiveness and has been successfully used for more than 10 years. Hundreds of people have already returned to a healthy and happy life!

Consultations with an oncopsychologist are carried out individually in a comfortable office in the center of Moscow. Specialists also consult remotely via Skype. The effectiveness of oncopsychotherapy is equally high. In order for the interaction with a systemic oncopsychologist to bring the desired result, it is important that the patients themselves are determined to interact with a specialist and showed persistence in implementing recommendations and understood the need for internal change. Appointment for consultation with an oncopsychologist in Moscow or via Skype is carried out only by personal appeal. In order to make an appointment, you must book the time in the schedule, making a partial prepayment via a link.

Systemic psychologist will help defeat the disease and return to a healthy life. Remember that the state of the body as a whole depends on the state of mind. Systemic correction of the psyche is the key to complete recovery.