What is oncopsychotherapy?

What is oncopsychotherapy?

One of the most popular areas of application of Vlad Svetoch’s method is oncopsychotherapy.

Despite that the treatment of cancer requires considerable effort on the patient’s part, this disease can still be defeated. The secrets of recovering from cancer are simple, and the most important thing here is the huge desire of the person themselves not just to live, but to live for certain meanings. In the event of a cancer problem, there is an acute need for a quick change in the patient’s insufficiently healthy worldview to a more resourceful, healthy one, which subsequently otherwise controls the physiological processes of the body. As a result, such a worldview leads a person to recovery.

The occurrence of an oncological disease is caused by a number of serious disorders in the body, which occurred, first of all, in the patient’s mental sphere. It is in this area that the main governing psychophysiological programs of the body are located, which, as a result of disturbances in the psyche, fail.

What is oncopsychotherapy?What is oncopsychotherapy?

These programs determine acquired skills and behavior habits (psychophysiological characteristics), psychoemotional reactions, as well as genetically determined manifestations. As a result, repeating over and over again, the person’s destructive behavior becomes the norm, and then is fixed in their homeostasis. In turn, such homeostasis (like any other), on the one hand, protects a person from unforeseen circumstances and adverse effects of external factors, but on the other hand, of course, it causes the oncological disease.

Destructive thoughts form a destructive worldview, which is further fixed in one’s psychophysiology, first — in the form of psychoemotional states. When repeated many times, these states become stable psychophysiological programs, which lead the person to a particular psychosomatic disease.

At the level of physiology, unpleasant sensations are most noticeable to perception, and, therefore, the person, in one way or another, is forced to respond to the occurrence of the psychosomatic disease. Although, most often, they do not understand or do not want to understand that their illness is just a consequence (symptom) of the problem that caused the onset of the deadly disease. And to fight a symptom — that is, a consequence of the disease — will be similar to Don Quixote fighting with the windmills.

From this it becomes clear why the improvement of drugs and surgical methods for the treatment of oncological diseases leads to even greater growth of such diseases. Moreover, oncological diseases are currently beginning to develop to the extent of an epidemic. However, medicine today admits that cancer cannot be completely cured.

With the help of expensive medications and medical procedures, it is only possible to postpone a fatal outcome for a longer period, but it is impossible to completely defeat the disease, because with such an effect on the body, the main reason that is not in the physical but in the mental sphere of a person is eliminated.

As an oncopsychotherapy tool, we offer a highly effective and efficient psychotherapeutic system of intensive influence on fundamental psychophysiological programs. The algorithm of this system is extremely accurately expressed in my method of systemic psychological correction in the treatment of psychosomatic diseases.

It is the systemic oncopsychotherapy that allows us to directly affect the cause of a psychosomatic disease and, thus, eliminate the roots of the damaging negative effects of the disease from the inside.

Concentrating the focus of consciousness on the fundamentally accurate application of techniques that change the worldview helps the patient to learn new (resource) behavior, which is fixed by them in the newly acquired natural psychophysiological states, habits, and skills.

The nature of this phenomenon is such that, along with a change in the way of thinking, the worldview changes, which entails a significant restructuring of the main governing psychophysiological programs of the functioning of the body, such as:

  • metabolic program;
  • cell renewal and restoration program;
  • program responsible for maintaining blood pressure and chemistry;
  • program responsible for metabolic processes in the body;
  • and finally, immunity maintenance program.

In the process of oncopsychotherapy, subject to all conditions and recommendations provided by the specialist, the work of the body as a whole changes, the cells are updated, immunity is restored — which results in recovery. Only the effect on the disease from the inside can radically restore the body. Systemic oncopsychotherapy, together with the recommended medical treatment, leads to significant improvements in the state of health, and, in most cases, allows to completely defeat the disease.