Ekaterina Svetoch

Ekaterina Valeryevna Svetoch, systemic oncopsychologist

  • Master of Psychology (USA, Master of Psychology, M.Psych);
  • Сlinical psychologist
  • Consultant psychologist;
  • Systemic oncopsychologist;
  • Head of a psychological center;
  • Member of the Russian Psychological Society;
  • Advisor to the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences;
  • Associate Member of the American Psychological Association (USA, APA);
  • Professional experience over 10 years.

Ekaterina Svetoch has conducted psychological practice for more than 10 years. In 2006, she graduated from the full-time department of the Faculty of Psychology and received the qualification of Psychologist, Teacher of Psychology.

She began her practical activities on the helpline, where she provided emergency psychological assistance to people in crisis situations. At the same time, she worked in a rehabilitation center with children suffering from various mental pathologies. Later, there was psychological practice in an orphanage and a neuropsychiatric dispensary. 

Ekaterina Svetoch

The practical experience she gained made it possible to form an attitude towards a person as a holistic system that needs a comprehensive psychological correction.

Today, Ekaterina Svetoch continues to improve her work in the scientific field. She completed her post-graduate studies with a degree in General Psychology and the History of Psychology. She is currently working on a Ph.D. entitled Features of the Mental Status of Patients with Different Levels of Personal Adaptive Potential. She publishes scientific articles on a topic related to human mental health and actively participates in scientific and practical conferences in Russia and abroad. She also conducts social activities aimed at popularizing psychology in people's lives. As an expert psychologist, she takes part in various television programs, including on state channels.

Since 2008, she has been conducting a private psychological practice and managing a psychological center. It helps people who are in difficult life situations, as well as those who deal with problems of a psychosomatic nature. The systemic psychological correction carried out by Ekaterina Svetoch helps to get rid of all kinds of neuroses, allergies, phobias, panic attacks, depression, and much more. There are many women among patients. Those who had difficulty conceiving express particular joy, because after interacting with Ekaterina Svetoch, they were able to give birth to a long-awaited and healthy child without complications.

At the same time, Ekaterina Svetoch is quite effective in conducting family psychotherapy aimed at restoring a holistic system of relationships. This approach, in turn, leads to the elimination of many problems related not only to the upbringing and development of children, but also to the health of all family members. For example, as a result of complex family psychotherapy, it is possible to eliminate such problems as frequent incidence of the child, enuresis, nervous tics, stuttering, etc. When providing psychological assistance to children, she is oriented, first of all, to work with adults who are involved in raising their child, since the causes of children’s problems are the unhealthy worldview of their parents.

She is engaged in psychological rehabilitation aimed at restoring the vital functions of the human body after illnesses. Ekaterina teaches self-regulation techniques of mental and physical state and helps to get rid of pain syndromes of various localization with the help of psychological practices.

The systemic psychological correction that Ekaterina Svetoch performs with cancer patients can significantly increase the effectiveness of the immune system and the adaptive capabilities of the body. But all this is preceded by painstaking work to eliminate the psychological causes of the disease, form a positive worldview and the ability to adequately respond to life circumstances, develop the ability to manage one’s mental and physical state, eliminate negative thoughts, create a positive emotional attitude, and build faith in the success of a cure. As a result, Ekaterina Svetoch helped many people to overcome the disease and return to a full and happy life.

If you really want to change your life for the better and understand that this directly depends on the state of the psyche, then you are on the right track and will certainly be able to find what you want!

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