About Vlad Svetoch’s method

It is widely known that cancer is an immunodeficiency disease. However, this is a psychosomatic disorder of a psychogenic nature. Hence the conclusion — the root causes of the disease are in the human psyche. The hotbed of the disease, wherever it is, is just a manifestation of the psychological causes of the disease on a physical level. Then the question arises: “How can the psychological cause be eliminated by the methods that medicine uses today?” The answer is quite obvious; it’s impossible. Neither surgery, nor radiation therapy, nor chemotherapy, nor immunotherapy can, by definition, affect the psyche. Indeed, quite a few famous people today who have practically unlimited financial opportunities could not cope with the disease and died prematurely. If they only knew that a solution to the problem already exists. Unfortunately, psychology in the fight against cancer, in its significance, is put as second. People are used to being treated, that is, suppressing the manifestation of the disease at the physical level, instead of paying attention to the real reasons that are hidden in the psyche. In the event of an oncological disease, it is the systemic correction of the psyche that can effectively affect the primary causes of cancer hidden in the person’s worldview. And, with the joint efforts of systemic oncopsychotherapy and medicine, there is a real opportunity to completely get rid of the disease, regardless of its stage.

О методе Влада Светоча

Vlad Svetoch

Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.), systemic oncopsychologist

The method of systemic psychogenetic correction today is an innovation (know-how) in the field of oncopsychology and oncopsychotherapy. This method allows you to quickly change the habits, beliefs, values, and lifestyle in general in a short time. In turn, due to a significant change in the person’s life program, such changes create a real opportunity to get rid of the disease completely and irrevocably. A system of special psychocorrectional techniques and exercises is used here as an oncopsychotherapy tool. All this in combination directly affects the roots of the disease and subsequently eliminates them once and for all. The method of systemic psychogenetic correction is not an alternative to the medical effect in the treatment of cancer, but the main help in getting rid of this disease. Let medicine deal with treatment, because psychology does not claim the merit of medicine. But everyone must finally understand that, in the case of cancer, psychology has its key function, which is to eradicate the causes of the disease and remove the malicious program of psychosomatic disorder. And here it should be noted that it is a systemic psychogenetic correction that helps a person eliminate the hidden causes of the disease. Thus, the joint efforts of medicine and oncopsychology today will allow you to regain health and well-being. It must be remembered that the main thing in the treatment of cancer is timeliness! After all, the disease can develop very rapidly. This is why it is necessary to immediately, along with medical treatment, begin to eradicate the psychological (intangible) causes of the disease in order to stop its further development. And then you need to intensively and methodically — with constant interaction with the systemic oncopsychologist — move towards a full recovery of the body.

What happens during the course?

  • All patients report a significant improvement in well-being and overall health. Positive dynamics of recovery has been detected since the first months of work, which is confirmed by medical examinations.
  • The natural processes of restoration of immunity are launched; the negative side effect of medical procedures is neutralized (because, as you know, chemotherapy reduces the body's defenses, since the effect is not only on cancer cells, but also on healthy cells).
  • The body’s recovery processes are much faster than what oncologists usually predict.
  • The roots of the disease are eliminated, because today many scientists agree that cancer is a psychosomatic disease, that is, it has psychological reasons. Most often, cancer occurs after exposure to a shock psychological factor, and can also be the result of accumulated stress, which significantly reduces immunity. As they say, all diseases come from nerves.
  • As a result of systemic psychogenetic correction, a powerful internal (psychological) resource is activated, which subsequently defeats the disease.
  • The positive dynamics of recovery are clearly monitored not only by the patients themselves, but also by the attending oncologists.
  • In the practice of systemic oncological psychotherapy, there are many cases of complete elimination of cancer — even in the last stages of its development, when even doctors do not believe in recovery.

Vlad Svetoch’s method is based on the principles of systemic psychogenetic correction in the treatment of psychosomatic diseases. The recovery of health becomes possible when the methods and psychoenergetic exercises are correctly applied, which allow one to quickly find the resource state, change the lifestyle, habits and skills, beliefs and values. As a result, the fundamental improvement of the psyche entails the restoration of the health of the whole body.

Our benefits:

  • The author’s method, which has no analogues, has been used as part of the course, and has proved its effectiveness by many years of practice with oncological diseases.
  • The author of the method is a well-known Russian psychologist, Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) Vlad Svetoch, who has been practicing for more than 25 years and is the author of numerous methods for restoring health.
  • In our work, we rely only on a scientific approach.
  • Most often people come to us as the last resort, having already tried various ways to solve their problems and get the desired result.

People try out different methods but it is us who give them what they want!