Do mushrooms help against cancer?

Правда ли, что грибы помогают против рака?

People make out the most far-fetched things to be cures for cancer, that require little effort and expense.

Here are just a few of the “remedies” used by the devotees of alternative medicine:

  • Hydrogen peroxide, which can be nothing but a disinfectant. Actual ingestion of it can lead to serious health issues, including death.
  • Some people “treat” cancer with baking soda, naively believing that it will be effective. But it is known that excessive use of soda disrupts the acid-base blood balance and leads to alkalosis.
  • Some use castoreum (exudate from the castor sacs of adult beavers) despite it being nothing but a weak antibiotic, which can also serve as a flavoring agent in drinks and sweets.
  • There are even those who drink kerosene, even though it is more likely to kill the user before the cancer cells.

And now let us discuss mushrooms against cancer. There are news floating on the Internet about scientific studies that allegedly found that certain types of mushrooms can affect cancer cells and DNA. The claim is that by regularly eating the mushrooms one can avoid cancer. However, it is a known fact that even nicotine and alcohol can have, in some sense, positive health effects. What does it all mean? The truth is that all these agents’ effects are insignificant enough to be negligible. That is to say, mushrooms against cancer cannot significantly affect the disease if it is already there. And even if the cancer progression is slowed down for a while, it is naught but the placebo effect in action.

It makes sense that people resort to such alternative “treatments,” for contemporary medicine has not developed effective means to treat cancer. Moreover, cancer treatments are quite expensive, especially if we’re talking about commercial clinics. State-funded cancer clinics are literally overwhelmed by the influx of cancer patients, which forces people to turn to private institutions.

Against this backdrop, information about alternative methods of treatment, which is abundant on the Internet, becomes a source of at least a modicum of hope for the afflicted. It should be noted, however, that these are nothing but alleged easy fixes for one of humanity’s most complex problems. Do you really think scientists would not have developed effective cancer treatments it that were possible? It is true that cancer can be driven into a prolonged remission, thus extending the patient’s life for a few years, but that is the extent of that.

In order to completely eliminate a disease like cancer, one has to completely overhaul his or hers psychological and genetic programs. Systemic psychological correction makes it possible, but it takes tremendous drive, patience, and perseverance to systematically change one’s inner world. This approach, coupled with traditional treatment methods, makes it possible to get rid of cancer completely.

Stay healthy! Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Do mushrooms help against cancer?

Vlad Svetoch

Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D), Practicing psychologist, systemic oncopsychologist. READ MORE

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