Initial Appointment. What Is It for?

Some of those who contact our center ask the question: “Why do we need an initial appointment, is it really impossible to start work right away, without it?”

The initial reception is a necessary condition for interaction with a specialist at the stage of determining the patient's motivation to work on themselves. A specialist offers to undergo a course of systemic correction of the psyche only when they realize that the patient has a reasonable desire and willingness to take responsibility in order to radically change themselves.

At the same time, at the initial appointment, the essence of the patient’s reference, which is hidden in their statements, is clarified. People are structured in such a way that they cannot consciously control their beliefs and values, so they speak out as they consider correct. The specialist helps to understand what is behind the patient’s statements and, thus, to find out the true essence of their problem, or rather, what is inherent in their worldview. If the patient understands the need for systemic correction of the psyche with the aim of fundamental changes in the state of health and quality of life, then the specialist offers ways to solve this problem.

Only in this case is the course of oncopsychotherapy offered, during which fundamental changes in the worldview and psyche take place — which, in turn, allows to get rid of the disease, restore health, and find prosperity.

The specialist will obviously not work with a person who expects someone to do something with them, and all they do is pay. In this case, it’s better to donate this money.

It would be wrong to believe that our method is suitable for everyone. This is not true. It is suitable only for those who understand well the determining importance of the psyche in the life of every person. Unfortunately, most people do not believe in this and therefore find it stupid to turn to a systemic oncopsychologist in case of cancer. In turn, people turn to doctors, sorcerers, healers, and shamans — but not to psychologists. That is why today cancer “feels so at ease.”