What happens during the course?

Is it possible to cure cancer? This question is asked by most cancer patients, who do not receive the desired result from the treatment. But today there are methods that can actually defeat the disease. Cancer can be cured by eliminating the roots of the disease, which are hidden in the human psyche.

What is oncopsychotherapy, and what happens during the course itself?

Oncopsychotherapy is an author's method of systemic healing of a person, which has proved its effectiveness in practice and which has been successfully used for more than 10 years.

Here is what distinguishes systemic oncopsychotherapy against the background of other psychological measures associated with the help offered to cancer patients:

  • Most people notice an improvement in their well-being and overall health at the very beginning of the course. Positive dynamics of recovery is found, including during medical examinations (test results are improving).
  • The natural processes of body restoration are launched, the negative impact of medical procedures is eliminated (because, as many people know today, chemotherapy reduces the body's defenses, since not only cancerous but also useful cells are eliminated).
  • The recovery processes are an order of magnitude faster, which is also noted by oncologists.

What happens during the course?

What happens during the course?

  • The roots of the disease are eliminated, because today many scientists agree that oncology is a psychosomatic disease, that is, it has psychological reasons (most often occurs after severe stress and may also be the result of accumulated stress, due to which immunity decreases). All diseases are due to nerves, they say.
  • In the process of systemic oncopsychotherapy, a powerful internal resource is activated, which helps to defeat the disease.
  • This is a system of therapeutic effects on the body through the psyche, as a result of which the healthy functioning of the body is restored, and hidden reserves are activated.
  • The dynamics of recovery is monitored not only by the patients themselves, but also by their oncologists.
  • In our practice, there are many cases of recovery from cancer, even at the last stages of the development of the disease, when even doctors do not believe in recovery and, according to all forecasts, this is impossible.

There are three reasons why you should contact our center:

  • This author's method, which has no analogues in the world and which has proved its effectiveness in practice over many years, is used only in our Center.
  • In our work, we rely only on a scientific approach and close interaction with medicine.
  • Most often people come to us as the last resort, having tried various ways to solve their problem, and get the desired result. It’s possible to cure cancer, even if you have lost hope of recovery.

In any case, the choice is yours!

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