Oncopsychotherapy According to the Svetoch Method. Full Recovery from Cancer

So is it possible to get rid of cancer today? Are there any radical remedies that can save you from such a dangerous disease like cancer?

There are two news about this — bad and good news. So where do we start? I suggest starting with the bad, in order to feel all the charm of the good.

Everyone knows that today there are no radical drugs or medical methods that would help you get rid of cancer completely. Moreover, the methods of cancer treatment that modern medicine uses do not give any guarantee even to achieve a stable remission in working with the oncological disease. And in many cases, especially if the patient has metastases, it is just about extending one’s life — if it can be even called life.

It is widely known that cancer is an immunodeficiency disease. However, this is a psychosomatic disorder of a psychogenic nature. Hence the conclusion — the roots of the disease are in the human psyche. It is important to understand that the focus of the oncological disease, wherever it is, is just a manifestation, that is, a consequence of the psychological causes of the disease on a physical level.


Oncopsychotherapy According to the Svetoch Method. Full Recovery from CancerOncopsychotherapy According to the Svetoch Method. Full Recovery from Cancer

Then the question arises: “How can the psychological cause be eliminated by the methods that medicine uses today?” The answer is quite obvious; it’s impossible. Neither surgery, nor radiation therapy, nor chemotherapy, nor immunotherapy can, by definition, affect the human psychological program. After all, the psyche and the body, relatively speaking, are in different planes. Moreover, only a specially trained systemic oncopsychologist can effectively conduct a systemic effect on the psyche, who knows how to work in the framework of the SCS (system-centered approach) by the method of systemic psychological correction. Only in this case there is a real opportunity to eliminate the roots of the disease, and, therefore, completely defeat cancer.

But let's see what is happening in the modern world in the field of cancer treatment, and what are the possibilities of medicine in the fight against cancer? One thing is obvious, quite a few famous people today who have practically unlimited financial opportunities and using the best medical means and methods of treatment fail to cope with the disease and die prematurely — not to mention ordinary people. And this means that the problem by the name of CANCER is still the most urgent.

Oncopsychotherapy According to the Svetoch Method. Full Recovery from Cancer

If only people knew that a solution to the problem already exists; moreover, this solution lies on the surface. Unfortunately, due to their own laziness and unbelief, there are few who decide to work systematically with their inner world. The vast majority turn only to medicine — why do anything yourself? – where you pay and let them treat you. Thus, people completely shift the responsibility to doctors, while doctors do not want to take on such responsibility.

As oncologists say today, a person can only be brought to temporary remission, that is, to a state where the disease is “sleeping,” hoping that in the future, funds will be found that will reduce this disease to the category of chronic ones. Although, as they say, between two evils it is not worth choosing. With this approach in the treatment of cancer, the question today is only in the time that this or that person will “last” in the fight against his disease.

Oncopsychotherapy According to the Svetoch Method. Full Recovery from Cancer

Interestingly, this fight is very similar to the cat-and-mouse game. If a person does not significantly change anything in the program of self-healing of their body, then there is only one result; as a rule, the “cat” wins crushing the “mouse.” It happens that the “cat” plays with the “mouse” for some time — it all depends on the mood of the “cat” and the need for food. And, as an exception to the rule, the “mouse” manages to escape (though not far) from the “cat,” that is, escape until the next time. But next time it will not take long. The disease can manifest itself at any moment and begin to progress at an unpredictable rate, which ultimately ends quite predictably. At the same time, relapses of the disease are especially dangerous.


Oncopsychotherapy According to the Svetoch Method. Full Recovery from Cancer

So why is it still impossible to defeat such a common disease as cancer? Because the fight is still being waged with the physical manifestation of the disease, and not with the prime cause, which has psychological roots. This is the same as mowing weed without affecting its roots. It will grow even better thanks to this. We must finally understand that in reality, any physical disease, including cancer, is an external manifestation of internal disharmony — that is, first of all, it is a mental illness.

From this point of view, there is good news. The appearance of any disease is a real opportunity to significantly change yourself, and at the same time gain health and well-being. But, at the same time, remember that the main thing in the treatment of cancer is timeliness! After all, the disease can develop very rapidly, as noted above. That is why it is necessary to immediately, along with medical treatment, begin to eradicate the psychological causes of the disease to stop the further development of the disease as soon as possible. And then you need to intensively and methodically, with constant interaction with a trained system oncopsychologist, move towards a complete recovery of the body. If you treat only the manifestation of the disease — that is, act on its focus — it can get a new beginning, already in another place, or spread in the form of metastases throughout the body. The logic here is simple; the elimination of the focus in no way affects the cause of the disease, hidden in the worldview and psyche of the person.

In our experience, the joint and coordinated operational efforts of a competent oncologist and specially trained systemic oncopsychologist lead to the best results in the treatment of cancer. It is also noted that excessive reinsurance, as well as inadequate measures of impact on the part of medical personnel, often only exacerbate the problem and lead to irreversible consequences in the treatment of cancer. Why? Because in many cases, the body needs to be given the opportunity (with little support) to cope with the disease itself. Whereas chemotherapy, especially the one that is offered today by domestic medicine, simply suppresses the already weakened immunity. The radical impact in the form of surgical intervention neither affects the psychological causes of the disease, but only eliminates the visible focus. Until the true reason, which is hidden from the understanding of most people, is changed, the person will not be able to get rid of the disease.


Oncopsychotherapy According to the Svetoch Method. Full Recovery from Cancer

To this end, more than 10 years ago, Doctor of Psychology Vlad Svetoch proposed a radically different, systematic approach, with the help of which a direct impact on the source of the disease, and not on its manifestation (symptom), is carried out. This is an innovation in the victory over cancer, the principles of which are based on the method of systemic psychological correction (systemic oncopsychotherapy). Only such an impact gives the patient a real opportunity to fully get rid of the disease. As oncopsychotherapy tools, a highly effective and potent psychotherapeutic system for intensive correction of deep psychophysiological programs is used here, which, in turn, determines the state of the worldview of any person. The algorithm (application order) of this system is extremely accurately expressed in the method of systemic psychological correction, with the help of which a trained specialist has a real opportunity to help the patient get rid of cancer completely, regardless of its nature and stage.


It is systemic oncopsychotherapy that allows us to directly affect the cause of the disease and eliminate the roots of the damaging negative effects of the disease from the inside, due to the correction in the psyche’s deep layers — that is, in its unconscious sphere. All this is necessary so that as a result of oncopsychotherapy, the person eventually entered a resource state, which would be supported by useful habits and beliefs.

If we explain the phenomenon of the emergence of new resource habits, beliefs, and outlooks on life in a language close to scientific logic, then it will look like this. Under the supervision of a specialist, by creating a focus of consciousness on the exact implementation of techniques that change the worldview, the patient learns a new (resource) behavior that is reliably fixed by them in their newfound natural psychophysiological states. The nature of this phenomenon is such that, along with a change in the way of thinking, the worldview also changes. And this entails a change in lifestyle, which leads to a significant restructuring of the main governing psychophysiological programs of the body functioning, such as:

  • cell renewal and restoration program;
  • program responsible for the metabolic processes of the body;
  • program of immunity and maintaining individual homeostasis.

Oncopsychotherapy According to the Svetoch Method. Full Recovery from Cancer

As a result of such changes, the body begins to work differently. Gradually, subject to a healthy lifestyle, internal organs are cleansed, cells are renewed, and immunity is restored. Due to this, there is a general recovery of the body and, ultimately, the abolition of disease. Only the impact on the disease from the inside can fully restore the well-being of the body as a whole. Hence, it becomes quite obvious that no other measures, except systemic oncopsychotherapy, will be able to eliminate the roots of the disease, and, at the same time, thoroughly influence the disease itself. And here we are no longer talking about temporary remission, but about a stable process of recovery. At the same time, each patient creates their own worldview paradigm and their own individual model of resource behavior, which leads them to the development and consolidation of new resource states characteristic of a healthy body. This model must certainly take into account all the features of the patient before being subsequently brought to life.

Observations showed that all patients who actively and willingly fulfill the conditions of the course on systemic correction of the psyche, fix the positive dynamics for recovery from the very first lessons, and then, provided that the specialist’s recommendations are correctly followed, there is a complete release from the disease. As a result, a healthy mind completely restores the normal functioning of the human body.

Based on the arguments presented above, it is safe to say that, provided timely preventive measures are taken, a course of systemic psychological correction is passed, and medical measures are correctly planned, a complete victory over cancer is possible today!

Vlad Svetoch has been helping people to completely free themselves from such a dangerous disease as cancer for more than 10 years. But here he has a recommendation on this matter — taking a course of systemic psychological correction of the psyche is necessary with the joint interaction with your attending physician. To a greater extent, this is necessary in order to observe the positive dynamics of the body's recovery and properly respond to possible deviations.

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