Oncopsychology: A Systemic Approach of Vlad Svetoch

In modern society, there is a stereotype of cancer being a deadly disease. That is why for most people, the news of the diagnosis is not just a surprise, but a real shock. The cancer patient has a whole range of negative experiences associated with fear of death, anxiety, and uncertainty about the success of treatment. At the same time, many still hope for the best, but hope and faith are completely different things. Surely you heard the phrase “hope is the last thing to die.” When hoping, the person surrenders to chance, not wanting to take responsibility for their own destiny.

Oncopsychology: A Systemic Approach of Vlad Svetoch

As a rule, hope is accompanied by doubts and insecurity, which, as a result, does not provide a support point and inner strength. On the contrary, faith and persistent actions to change your own psyche make it possible to defeat the disease.

Systemic Oncopsychology: A New Approach

Today, more and more people understand the importance and importance of psychology in cancer treatment. Even official medicine admits that the success of the treatment depends on the psychological state of the patient. After all, a negative emotional background and corresponding thoughts affect the state of health, taking the patient’s vitality. Modern oncopsychologyor psychooncology, is aimed at working with symptoms; that is, with those psychological problems that a cancer patient usually experiences. It is also believed that the elimination of a specific problem, which becomes the triggering factor for the onset of cancer, allows one to free themselves from the disease. However, as practice shows, limited psychological work, for example, only through awareness of a specific offense or by “working through” guilt, does not affect the system, which is the worldview — therefore, it does not allow to eliminate the roots of the disease. After all, a person who, due to their temperament, is prone to painful reactions to what is happening will certainly have a new resentment or any other psychological problem, which will once again lead to the weakening of the immune system and the development of a disease.

Systemic oncopsychology is based on the principles of a system-centered approach. The psychological correction carried out is aimed at systemic changes in the psyche, which leads to qualitative changes in the functioning of the body as a whole. The author of a fundamentally new systemic approach in oncopsychology is a Doctor of Psychology, the famous oncopsychologist Vlad Svetoch. Modern psycho-oncology is not able to solve such problems, since it is focused, first of all, on eliminating symptoms.

Oncopsychology: A Systemic Approach of Vlad Svetoch

The Principles of a Systemic Approach in the Process of Correction of the Psyche

Systemic oncopsychology considers the human body as an integral self-organizing system in which the body and psyche are inextricably linked with each other. Modern medicine is focused on the development of narrow specializations, where each doctor is responsible for a separate narrow area of the human body. This led to the fact that people were seen as a set of organs and systems. When prescribing treatment for a particular disease, many doctors simply do not think about the possible consequences for those organs and systems for which they are “not responsible”. For example, in the treatment of chronic gastritis, a drug may be prescribed that worsens the activity of the cardiovascular system. And the human mental sphere, which directly determines the general physical state of health, does not receive any attention in the treatment process. Today there are many cases, including among famous people, when, with a rather optimistic prognosis of doctors and “non-dangerous” diseases, the person suddenly died. Why is that, you ask? Because the psychological reasons that led to the sad consequences were simply not taken into account.

In accordance with the principles of systemic oncopsychology, the worldview directly determines the state of mental and physical health, affecting the quality of our lives. Worldview is a way of thinking, a system of views, beliefs and values of the person. 

As you may know, positive-minded people recover faster than pessimists. The emotional reactions of a person, typical behavior in various situations, depend on the familiar picture of the world that is formed by our worldview. This is a kind of filter through which the information arriving to us passes. The functioning of the body as a whole depends on the way of thinking. A healthy worldview is a solid foundation for mental, and therefore physical health.

Oncopsychology: A Systemic Approach of Vlad Svetoch

Today, many Russian and foreign scientists are convinced that oncological diseases are of a psychosomatic nature. As for systemic oncopsychology, it offers such psychological correction tools, with the help of which it becomes possible to eliminate the roots of the disease located in the human psyche. Systemic correction of the psyche allows us to change the typical inappropriate behavior that leads to disease, and create a new resource foundation of the psyche in the form of a healthy worldview. Cancer can be defeated only by eliminating the roots of the disease that are contained in the human psyche. Working with the symptoms is similar to how Don Quixote fought with windmills. Cancer treatment aimed at eliminating the symptom in the form of disease manifestation does not affect the roots, which means that the risk of relapse, even with a successful intermediate result of treatment, is very high. After all, weed grass is known to grow even better when cut.

The systemic approach is also successfully used in the psychological correction of other somatic and psychosomatic disorders. As a result of systemic correction of the psyche, most people lose the symptoms of concomitant diseases — for example, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, migraine, allergies, vasoneurosis, etc. This is possible due to systemic changes in worldview, which becomes a solid foundation for human health.

Oncopsychology: A Systemic Approach of Vlad Svetoch

We’d like to draw attention to the fact that psychological correction is not a treatment, since treatment is the responsibility of doctors. The specialists of our center are professional psychologists who have not only psychological education and extensive experience, but who have also successfully completed the method of systemic psychological correction by Vlad Svetoch. You have the opportunity to sign up for a consultation with the author, Vlad Evgenievich Svetoch, or a certified specialist. Consultations are held both in person (in an office located in the very center of Moscow within walking distance from the metro), and remotely via Skype.