Due to cancer diagnosis, I began to train according to the methodology of Vlad Evgenievich Svetoch for 6 months.

Unlike other psychological techniques, this one attracted me, first of all, by the general approach to a person as a system open to the outside world. Which is very consonant with my own ideas about the metaphysical structure of the world.

The transformation of my personality began with the adoption of a clear idea of God as a set of causal relationships in the universe for the first time in my life. This helped me to perceive love in a natural state — both to myself and to other creations of God. Accordingly, I received an unshakable foundation and my own moral code.

Feeling like a particle of God, I realized that there were no unsolvable problems for me. My task was only to clearly articulate these problems and skillfully use the omnipotent, energetic power of the Universe, which would come to my aid at the right moment.

I internalized all of this as I completed laborious exercises with my weakened, lazy psyche. My will grew fantastically stronger, and Svetoch’s trinity (Faith + Will + Love) made my spiritual life complete and harmonious. In this famous Trinity, I consider the replacement of the substance “Hope” with the substance “Will” Svetoch’s brilliant find.

The powerful psyche, through the mental sphere, has a real impact on the material, physiological essence of a person. I turn into the main operator of my fate, and therefore, my health. And since I want myself to be healthy, that’s what I will be.

My new psyche successfully defeats all negative emotions in life, redirecting their energy to the implementation of positive, rational actions.

Therefore, my life is now in a harmonious and cheerful state, in which there is no longer any place for stresses that can produce physiological oxidation of the body — the main cause of all diseases.

Over the past six months, medical observations have not shown any negative trends; on the contrary, there are symptoms of improvement.

It’s a pity that I didn’t have the opportunity to get acquainted with Svetoch’s technique earlier. My life would have been brighter and more fruitful. But now it will improve significantly.

Thanks for the acquired wisdom of life!

A new reading of the old aphorism:

“A sound mind in a sound body”

But it is the sound mind

That makes the sound body,

And happy life.

A disabled person of the second group since childhood, I continue to work at 72.


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