I express my deep gratitude to Vlad Evgenievich and Ekaterina Svetoch for helping me. I turned to Vlad Evgenievich for the first time four years ago, but then I couldn’t find the strength to complete the course to the end.

The second time I turned to him was a year and a half ago, but this time the enemy of the human race, the devil, once again did not give me the opportunity to finish the course, although I felt very good changes in myself. And so the Lord visited me with an oncological disease, showing me that I was doing something wrong in my life. I underwent surgery to remove a malignant tumor in the rectum. My moral, physical and psychological state was deplorable at that time. I was depressed, I had a breakdown after surgery, I lost faith in myself and in God. And then, by the will of God, I realized that I needed to completely complete the course with Vlad Evgenievich. In November 2019, I turned to him again fully determined to take the course to the end this time.

Blessings to Vlad Evgenievich for agreeing to deal with me again. I realized that the Lord cannot want us to be healed, and we need to make efforts ourselves. But as I understood during this course, the main thing is God’s help, the leadership of Vlad Evgenievich and his extraordinary positive energy. It’s been four months since I have been training with Vlad Evgenievich, and I already see what extraordinary changes have occurred in me. Depression has gone, strength has appeared, a desire to live and work has appeared. I have gained faith in God and in myself. Now, with the help of the techniques that I mastered with Vlad Evgenievich, I am constantly in a positive, resourceful state. Our training with Vlad Evgenievich is still ongoing. And I understand now that Vlad Evgenievich is a Godsend healer, and from now on everything will be fine with me.

With much gratitude


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