I turned to the Center of Psychology in December 2014 in connection with a relapse of a cancer that was identified after a follow-up examination.

My state of mind was very grave. I felt constant anxiety, had a sleep disorder and loss of appetite. On the Internet, I came across a lecture by Vlad Svetoch on the correction of state in people with oncology and decided to try out these techniques. I took part in sessions in parallel with chemotherapy courses. I endured chemotherapy much better than a year ago, although the body was weakened. I led an active lifestyle. Twice a week, I attended Vlad Evgenievich’s sessions in Moscow, where I came from the Moscow region by public transport, walked a lot, and went to work. I had a great desire and FAITH in myself because of these techniques. After the sessions, many things in my life have changed. I am calm, I feel great, adequately relate to all kinds of examinations, I do not focus on them, I feel comfortable. Thank you so much Vlad Evgenievich for your professionalism and patience in working with me.

With respect and gratitude, Olga

Рак – это программа, которую можно устранить

Cancer is a program that can be undone

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Причины рака: мифы и реальность

Causes of cancer: myths and reality

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Как появляется рак и откуда исходят его корни?

What leads to cancer and what are its root causes?

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