I take this opportunity to thank Vlad Evgenievich Svetoch in writing for his work with me.

The meeting with him justified the difficult years preceding it. For a long time, I was in a serious mental condition, which exacerbated by the loss of a loved one. I knew that I could not cope with it myself, but after talking with one respected specialist, I gave up on any ideas of me seeking such assistance. Fortunately, due to long-standing malfunctions in the body, I ended up in hospital, from where I was soon discharged without having received any treatment, but with a referral for further examinations.\

The terminology used was not inspiring at all, but it spurred me on. Three months ago, I came to the Center of Psychology. The methods of Vlad Evgenievich surprised me more and more, especially their effectiveness and fundamentality. Their author, a translator from the language of the subconscious, Practitioner, Master of Life, surprises me as well. I see positive changes in various fields, from health to relationships in the family and with people around me. Fear, inflatedness and tension give up their positions. I enjoy simple things, the very fact of being. I hear and understand people differently. Time has stopped the race of days resembling one another. Spiritual literature that I have read over many years broadened my horizons. The same applies to various practices. The transition from knowledge to doing was carried out here, at the Center of Psychology. A pleasant surprise. As one literary hero used to say, “I am only starting to live.” To people reading these lines, and to myself, I wish strength of spirit.

I am immensely grateful to Vlad Evgenievich. Oksana.

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