I turned to Vlad Evgenievich for help at the end of July 2016 regarding the diagnosis, which was like a bolt from the blue for me; it was oncology.

At the first meeting, it became clear to me that I came here not by chance, that someone would definitely help me there. Today, I have two months of training with Vlad Evgenievich behind me. A month ago a tumor was removed. A few days ago, the first course of chemotherapy began. Now I know for sure that I can handle everything and I will be completely healthy. Training with Vlad Evgenievich radically change the worldview; his methods allow me to influence my well-being and my health in the most positive way. The cause of my illness was in an unhealthy way of thinking, fears, a wrong attitude towards myself and the world around me. I learn to think and treat myself and the whole world in a way that will help me be healthy, successful and happy.
Vlad Evgenievich, thank you so much! As the doctor who observed me told me after the first chemotherapy session regarding the method of V. Svetoch: “Tell your psychotherapist that he is a genius.” I’m on my way to a full recovery. Thank you for this.

Рак – это программа, которую можно устранить

Cancer is a program that can be undone

In order to understand human capacity to defeat this disease, let’s start from the end, that is, from the consequence. Today cancer is still believed to occur as a consequence of physical, chemical, and biological factors. ...

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Причины рака: мифы и реальность

Causes of cancer: myths and reality

People claim that the main causes of cancer are as follows: ...

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Как появляется рак и откуда исходят его корни?

What leads to cancer and what are its root causes?

In the world of today, we know of many cancer types, which are differentiated according to the part of the body where the disease is localized. According to medical professionals, the development of cancer is mainly ...

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