I would never imagine that I would have cancer, since for more than 10 years I had led a completely healthy lifestyle and had not taken any alcohol, I had normal weight and good physical shape.

But at the beginning of 2016, I had to endure a rather serious stressful situation in connection with my work that lasted for about three months, which required over-tension, gave a lot of negative emotions, etc.
As a result, the first shot was fired in May, and at the beginning of June 2016, a stunning diagnosis was made during the examination: gastric adenocarcinoma with a transition to the esophagus sphincter. They told me I had to undergo a surgery right away.

To clarify the diagnosis and evaluate possible treatment options, I was examined at a university hospital in Munich (Germany). The diagnosis was fully confirmed. The clinic’s specialists suggested a fairly tough chemotherapy course (4 cycles before surgery and 4 after).

After analyzing the situation in detail and having a number of other consultations, I decided to under a surgery at the cancer center in Moscow (on Kashirskoe highway) — conducted by M. Davydov. — one of the best oncologists in Russia, the author of the method of forming a stomach with a “bend” from the jejunum.

It did not bother me that I did not fully understand how such a disease developed in such a short time.
I continued to search and study materials about the causes of such diseases, possible methods of further treatment, and ways of recovery.
It seems to me that divine providence led me. I am a believer.

As a result, I received a lot of useful information, but what is more interesting, I came across the site of Vlad Svetoch. I contacted him and decided to undergo an intensive course of psychotherapy at his center.

Our first training session was on September 27, 2016, and then a series of intensive classes on September 29 and 30, in early October, before the surgery. 
These sessions created a good psychological mood before the surgery, which was successfully carried out on October 7.

A number of techniques, including “I love myself”, mantras, “practice of full breathing”, “quickly getting out of stress” and especially the technique “I can’t” changed my psychological state a lot, revealed the roots of a number of problems that arose in the “previous” life, allowed to get rid of a number of “limiters” and better understand my desires and opportunities. It’s like I have become a different person.

I am very grateful to Vlad. Our classes continue, and I hope for new discoveries of myself.


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