We are often unhappy with our life: with government, salary, weather, or appearance. And we think that if something improves, we will be happy. But everything in your life can change in an instant.

At an appointment with your doctor, you hear a diagnosis — cancer. It seems that your life has stopped. There are questions in your head: why? How much time is left?

You begin to pray to God (it doesn’t matter if you believe in God or not) so that he made everything the way it was yesterday, you promise that you will wake up in the morning and be glad that this day has arrived. I know firsthand about this disease. My dad died of cancer at the age of 60, mother at 74, brother at 55, friend at 48, another childhood friend at 49. You get a bone-chilling terror from the thought alone.

What about my unfulfilled plans, my dreams, my child, who is 12 years old? What do I do? I do not want to think about it as a condemnation.

I am very grateful to fate that I read the books of V. Sinelnikov, M. Norbekov, Louise L. Hay and Luule Viilma. All of them wrote that there are no incurable diseases. Thank you very much for that. There was a way out. I began to look for a healer who would help me get rid of this diagnosis forever. I consulted one, and then the second. They were all wrong. They promised to help, but gave no guarantees. So I called the third number. A calm male voice said to me: “I am ready to help you.” Thank God! There was hope. I was going to a preliminary interview, but I already knew for sure that I had found what I was looking for.

There he was, an experienced psychologist, a great professional in his field. V.E. Svetoch began to cautiously lead me along the path to healing not allowing me to stumble and turn back.

This was not an easy way. Getting rid of oncology is generally not easy. But already after a little time, you understand that everything can be changed. They help you gain faith in yourself; there is hope, love for yourself and loved ones. And you can do miracles.

I won’t tell you how I am infinitely grateful to V.E. for his work and courage to work with such a terrible disease. I have the opportunity to tell him about it personally. I write this to those who want to get rid of this disease forever, to forget about it as if it was but a nightmare. Do not despair and lose your heart! There is way out! This is not a condemnation! Look for a doctor, a healer, whom you will infinitely believe, and who himself believes in complete healing. If my example gave anyone at least some hope, I would be happy.

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