I got the diagnosis in another country and another language. It did not make it less terrible. Shock, stress, inability to think...

With a trembling hand, I typed in the word “Healing” on the Internet. I only remember that it was “Healing”, not “Recovery”. I was thinking: “I want to live.” There are people for whom and why I live.

The first thing I found was oncopsychologist Vlad Svetoch. I realized that it was a professional of a very high level. I have a psychology degree. I read all the information on the site and understood that this was exactly what I needed.

I call him from another continent and ask for a meeting. I went to see him straight after landing.

As Vlad Evgenievich later said: “Nothing comes from nothing, you were for a reason.”

He immediately asked me to prove and argue that I wanted to live and why I wanted to live. Tough, fair, like a loving strict father who sees through you. “I completely believe in your healing; I don’t hope — I believe in it. Now, you need to believe it,” he said. After the first meeting, I realized that the healing process had been started. But there was a huge personal work ahead. And the task set was not just to cure a terrible disease, but to have my soul and body completely healed. This was not about abilities, but the activation of superpowers.

The work began on a specific technique, which was selected specifically for me. As a child who learns to walk, I began to learn to live by other rules. Of course, this was a huge joint work. But every minute of your life you understand that you are not alone, there is a competent and experienced mentor nearby – a Healer and a Teacher, who had helped a huge number of people receive help and support. It’s a pity that we all seek help when we are already come when we are on the precipice…

Today it’s been four months since the beginning of my healing story. Along with psychotherapy, I performed everything that was prescribed to me by official medicine. Thanks to psychotherapy, everything went quite easily and quickly. My doctors thank my healer. Today, modern competent doctors understand the importance of working with a psychotherapist for a final recovery.

My appearance has changed; I have lost ten kilograms. I look ten years younger. The taste for life and the understanding that there are still a lot of interesting and important things has returned. I’ve decided to get another degree, so I study philosophy and religion with great pleasure.

Even doctors and medical tests confirm that I am healthy.

Of course, the work is not finished yet, but the main thing has already been done.

I’ve learned to believe in myself. I realize that it is me who is responsible for my body’s health. I realize that doctors only treat the effects of the disease, not the cause.

Now I understand, not by words, but by personal experience, that you cannot treat the body separately from consciousness. I understand some things now.

My deepest gratitude to Vlad Evgenievich Svetoch. Thank you for your hard work.

I appeal to those who, having been diagnosed, give up and do not know what to do and how to live on. I know how you feel. I’ve been there. I’d like to tell you today that, having overcome all this, you will become a much happier and more harmonious person, and the world around you will change for the better. This is not a Punishment, but only a Test.

Trust me. Or better, ask Vlad Evgenievich about this…

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