My name is Irina. I am 58. I found Vlad Svetoch’s center via the Internet. I immediately realized that this was the man who could help me, because I no longer counted on my strengths

Yes, I already didn’t have them. The same applied to my desire to live. There was an impression that the body continues to habitually perform routine work, and the soul is already somewhere very far away. It was a complete, deep depression.

My story began in 1997, when my husband was diagnosed with stage III prostate cancer with bone metastases.

Then our whole life turned upside down and changed completely to combat this disease. Together we went through everything! We looked for all possible alternative methods. The disease then receded, but made itself felt again after a while. And in 2006, there was a new disaster – a heart attack. I had to combat it as well. We had a very strong motivation to live, there were many plans that we wanted to implement. And we had a young son. We had to educate him well and show him so many things! We adapted to such living conditions: worked, studied, even traveled. We were glad that we were alive and together! But cancer was doing its job, making its way along the bones, making them fragile.

In 2011, my husband lost consciousness, fell and broke his neck. He was completely paralyed. There was a surgery and implants in the neck to connect the vertebrae. Then for a whole year they taught his body to do everything anew, like a newborn, because all the skills had been lost. Doctors said it would be recumbent. But he got up; he feeds, dresses and serves himself, he walks and drives a car. My husband has tremendous willpower and desire to live!

This is how we lived for more than 20 years with this disease. I thought that it would be easier when I retired. Our son would already be a grownup, who lived separately. I would not work as much. We would leave the country, buy a house, there would be fresh air and nature, and we would quietly enjoy life.

That’s when I realized that I was feeling unwell for quite some time. All these years, when I was busy caring for my husband and child, I completely stopped caring for myself and my health; I had no time for myself. And then I was in pain. And when I decided to undergo a medical examination, I realized that I had already left unattended everything that I could – it was a complete imbalance of all body systems. It was unclear where to start the recovery, and most importantly, I had no strength and desire to fight for myself. Even ordinary household chores became a burden for me.

All these thoughts and problems made my head hurt badly, my eyes were festering, and I began to lose sight.

They did an MRI and found the cause; it was a tumor in the head, a meningioma. I plunged into blackness and my only thought was about one thing — how to quickly and painlessly end it all.

In such a state, I found Vlad Svetoch’s center and decided to give it a try.

I fully understood that my sick body was only a reflection of my mental state and my thoughts. I needed a specialist like Vlad Evgenievich who would help me get out of this deadlock; I myself lacked knowledge. I knew for sure that my illnesses and problems were a reflection of my unhealthy thoughts, fears, feelings, and dislike for myself.

Since August, over the course of training with Vlad Evgenievich, I know for sure that there have been big changes in my worldview, psyche, my attitude to myself, to the events in my life and to the people with whom I live. I got my powers back, my interest in life, I can do my favorite things, learn Spanish, go to computer courses. Along with my mental state, my body has also changed. The blood tests have returned to normal, the digestive system is restored. My eyes do not fester anymore; my sight is now back (there are registered results). And most importantly, my inner state has changed. I no longer consider myself worthless, a failure and a victim.

I know that I can do everything and can handle everything! We still train, and the world around me has begun to change – an exciting sight!!!

I thank fate for introducing me to Vlad Evgenievich and his touching, attentive and sensitive colleague Katya!

I recommend Vlad Evgenievich as a competent specialist, a wonderful oncopsychologist and a very interesting interlocutor.

All the best to you and your Center.


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