Sorry in advance for my, perhaps, somewhat confused expression of thoughts, but I am very worried. I am writing this letter as soon as I’ve found out that I have the opportunity to reach a large audience via the Internet.

I appeal, first of all, to those who have received a fatal diagnosis just like me – CANCER. To those who still do not know that there is such a person in the world whom I now call a wizard.

This is Vlad Evgenievich Svetoch. Five years ago, the worst thing happened in my life. I had an X-ray appointment, which revealed that something was wrong with my lungs. Then I was referred for an additional examination, after which I was informed that I had a malignant tumor and needed to start treatment immediately.

I just could not understand why did this happen to me? I had this terrible thought — is this really all that is measured out to me by fate? But then I pulled myself together and gave no sign of it to my relatives (neither my husband nor my children). After several months of outpatient treatment, I felt worse. My relatives and friends noticed this. I began to lose weight, and my skin became like the skin of an old man. Cough and chest pain intensified every day, becoming unbearable. A second medical examination showed that the malignant tumor became even larger. I was desperate, because despite the large number of procedures, nothing helped me.

I accidentally found out that there is such a person who can help even in the most hopeless situations. I was so desperate that at first I did not even believe in the effectiveness of the treatment. However, after the first months of work, I had significant improvements, which were confirmed at the next medical examination. I think I found the true meaning in life. I really wanted to live; live, not exist. My life has completely changed, at 40 I entered the institute and decided to take up a hobby.

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