I express my gratitude to Vlad Evgenievich for the training! Perhaps the most important thing that I learned as a result of mastering the techniques developed by Vlad Evgenievich was to freely manage my own state (both emotional and physical).

It turned out that with proper perseverance this is not difficult at all: a person takes full responsibility for their own comfort and feels as good as they want, in any conditions, bringing themselves and their thoughts to the desired state.

In the process of mastering the techniques, you gain an unshakable healthy worldview that supplants all unnecessary habits, programs and thoughts and sets your mind in a positive and constructive way. There comes an understanding that to feel and perceive the negative, and even more so, to be sick, is completely absurd; the system of thinking, material and informational nutrition is improving, which is especially important in the modern world.

The training and methods can be compared with sports, where Vlad Evgenievich is the coach of your spirit: demanding, persistent, and responsible. Just like in sports, it turns out that on the path to excellent health, inner comfort, and high achievements, there is only one real rival – yourself. And to do the best, change consciousness and, as a result, the quality of life, only ourselves are free. The main thing is to understand that we can do everything if we want it 100%.


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