Thank you very much Vlad Evgenievich. Previously, I could not even think that there were methods of healing cancer.

After several unsuccessful surgeries, I was in complete despair. A cancerous tumor has formed in other places. Thanks to you, I not only forgot about this terrible diagnosis, but also gained confidence in life. Now I know exactly what I want to achieve. As shown by a recent medical examination, the cancer tumor has decreased to a small size. Good luck in this difficult and noble cause.

Рак – это программа, которую можно устранить

Cancer is a program that can be undone

In order to understand human capacity to defeat this disease, let’s start from the end, that is, from the consequence. Today cancer is still believed to occur as a consequence of physical, chemical, and biological factors. ...

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Причины рака: мифы и реальность

Causes of cancer: myths and reality

People claim that the main causes of cancer are as follows: ...

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Как появляется рак и откуда исходят его корни?

What leads to cancer and what are its root causes?

In the world of today, we know of many cancer types, which are differentiated according to the part of the body where the disease is localized. According to medical professionals, the development of cancer is mainly ...

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