I’m 64. I live in Moscow. In November 2018, I was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer with lung metastases...

In January 2019, I contacted Vlad Svetoch’s center after treatment in a paid hospital (three courses of chemotherapy). After chemotherapy, I felt worse, my immunity was significantly weakened.

My mood began to improve mood, and I began to feel better on the first session with Vlad Svetoch. I realized that the disease was not so terrible. After further communication with Vlad Evgenievich, I began to look at the world and at my illness differently, in bright colors. My attitude towards people, my family, and first of all towards myself, has changed. Now I love myself and the world around my 100%. My worldview has changed for the better.

Currently, I feel great. One malignant ulcer in the stomach has healed, the second has significantly decreased in size (from 2.4 cm to 0.8 cm). By the way, my oncological surgeon persistently proposed to remove the diseased stomach.

I am happy that I turned to Vlad Evgenievich and feel completely healthy thanks to his sensitive, attentive and professional attitude towards me. I have recovered from all other illnesses.

I thank Vlad Evgenievich with all my heart.

Sincerely, Aleksey

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