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After several unsuccessful surgeries, I was in complete despair. A cancerous tumor has formed in other places. Thanks to you, I not only forgot about this terrible diagnosis, but also gained confidence in life. Now I know exactly what I want to achieve. As shown by a recent medical examination, the cancer tumor has decreased to a small size. Good luck in this difficult and noble cause.



At an appointment with your doctor, you hear a diagnosis — cancer. It seems that your life has stopped. There are questions in your head: why? How much time is left?

You begin to pray to God (it doesn’t matter if you believe in God or not) so that he made everything the way it was yesterday, you promise that you will wake up in the morning and be glad that this day has arrived. I know firsthand about this disease. My dad died of cancer at the age of 60, mother at 74, brother at 55, friend at 48, another childhood friend at 49. You get a bone-chilling terror from the thought alone.

What about my unfulfilled plans, my dreams, my child, who is 12 years old? What do I do? I do not want to think about it as a condemnation.

I am very grateful to fate that I read the books of V. Sinelnikov, M. Norbekov, Louise L. Hay and Luule Viilma. All of them wrote that there are no incurable diseases. Thank you very much for that. There was a way out. I began to look for a healer who would help me get rid of this diagnosis forever. I consulted one, and then the second. They were all wrong. They promised to help, but gave no guarantees. So I called the third number. A calm male voice said to me: “I am ready to help you.” Thank God! There was hope. I was going to a preliminary interview, but I already knew for sure that I had found what I was looking for.

There he was, an experienced psychologist, a great professional in his field. V.E. Svetoch began to cautiously lead me along the path to healing not allowing me to stumble and turn back.

This was not an easy way. Getting rid of oncology is generally not easy. But already after a little time, you understand that everything can be changed. They help you gain faith in yourself; there is hope, love for yourself and loved ones. And you can do miracles.

I won’t tell you how I am infinitely grateful to V.E. for his work and courage to work with such a terrible disease. I have the opportunity to tell him about it personally. I write this to those who want to get rid of this disease forever, to forget about it as if it was but a nightmare. Do not despair and lose your heart! There is way out! This is not a condemnation! Look for a doctor, a healer, whom you will infinitely believe, and who himself believes in complete healing. If my example gave anyone at least some hope, I would be happy.



I appeal, first of all, to those who have received a fatal diagnosis just like me – CANCER. To those who still do not know that there is such a person in the world whom I now call a wizard.

This is Vlad Evgenievich Svetoch. Five years ago, the worst thing happened in my life. I had an X-ray appointment, which revealed that something was wrong with my lungs. Then I was referred for an additional examination, after which I was informed that I had a malignant tumor and needed to start treatment immediately.

I just could not understand why did this happen to me? I had this terrible thought — is this really all that is measured out to me by fate? But then I pulled myself together and gave no sign of it to my relatives (neither my husband nor my children). After several months of outpatient treatment, I felt worse. My relatives and friends noticed this. I began to lose weight, and my skin became like the skin of an old man. Cough and chest pain intensified every day, becoming unbearable. A second medical examination showed that the malignant tumor became even larger. I was desperate, because despite the large number of procedures, nothing helped me.

I accidentally found out that there is such a person who can help even in the most hopeless situations. I was so desperate that at first I did not even believe in the effectiveness of the treatment. However, after the first months of work, I had significant improvements, which were confirmed at the next medical examination. I think I found the true meaning in life. I really wanted to live; live, not exist. My life has completely changed, at 40 I entered the institute and decided to take up a hobby.



With a trembling hand, I typed in the word “Healing” on the Internet. I only remember that it was “Healing”, not “Recovery”. I was thinking: “I want to live.” There are people for whom and why I live.

The first thing I found was oncopsychologist Vlad Svetoch. I realized that it was a professional of a very high level. I have a psychology degree. I read all the information on the site and understood that this was exactly what I needed.

I call him from another continent and ask for a meeting. I went to see him straight after landing.

As Vlad Evgenievich later said: “Nothing comes from nothing, you were for a reason.”

He immediately asked me to prove and argue that I wanted to live and why I wanted to live. Tough, fair, like a loving strict father who sees through you. “I completely believe in your healing; I don’t hope — I believe in it. Now, you need to believe it,” he said. After the first meeting, I realized that the healing process had been started. But there was a huge personal work ahead. And the task set was not just to cure a terrible disease, but to have my soul and body completely healed. This was not about abilities, but the activation of superpowers.

The work began on a specific technique, which was selected specifically for me. As a child who learns to walk, I began to learn to live by other rules. Of course, this was a huge joint work. But every minute of your life you understand that you are not alone, there is a competent and experienced mentor nearby – a Healer and a Teacher, who had helped a huge number of people receive help and support. It’s a pity that we all seek help when we are already come when we are on the precipice…

Today it’s been four months since the beginning of my healing story. Along with psychotherapy, I performed everything that was prescribed to me by official medicine. Thanks to psychotherapy, everything went quite easily and quickly. My doctors thank my healer. Today, modern competent doctors understand the importance of working with a psychotherapist for a final recovery.

My appearance has changed; I have lost ten kilograms. I look ten years younger. The taste for life and the understanding that there are still a lot of interesting and important things has returned. I’ve decided to get another degree, so I study philosophy and religion with great pleasure.

Even doctors and medical tests confirm that I am healthy.

Of course, the work is not finished yet, but the main thing has already been done.

I’ve learned to believe in myself. I realize that it is me who is responsible for my body’s health. I realize that doctors only treat the effects of the disease, not the cause.

Now I understand, not by words, but by personal experience, that you cannot treat the body separately from consciousness. I understand some things now.

My deepest gratitude to Vlad Evgenievich Svetoch. Thank you for your hard work.

I appeal to those who, having been diagnosed, give up and do not know what to do and how to live on. I know how you feel. I’ve been there. I’d like to tell you today that, having overcome all this, you will become a much happier and more harmonious person, and the world around you will change for the better. This is not a Punishment, but only a Test.

Trust me. Or better, ask Vlad Evgenievich about this…



I consulted a doctor with pain in my left chest and was diagnosed with breast cancer. The moment I found out about this, everything turned upside down in my head and life. My relatives and friends began to feel sorry for me, and life in me died out every day. I went to the Center of Self-Realization Psychology, which my friend told me about. Now I feel great, it’s like I’m young again, and yet I am already 49 years old. The latest medical examination showed that metastases that had been clearly observed in the lungs and liver disappeared completely, while the tumor focus was significantly reduced in size. Moreover, I feel better every day. I believe that when the psychotherapeutic course is over, I will fully recover.



I want to note that I have not cared about myself all my life. We lived together with my mother, and when I was 11 years old, she got sick and grew very tired. I really felt sorry for her and did a lot of housework — even the garden was on me. I married early. A year later, I had a son, so I had no idea how I could leave him for my personal interests (at work, labor unions conducted excursions that lasted from 2 to 3 days, and I was constantly invited to participate). I rarely had colds. At the age of 30, I caught cold in my back, and I have suffered from spinal disc herniation ever since. But going to a health center alone was equivalent to imprisonment for me.

Mom was paralyzed. Six months later, she began to walk around the room, and for the next 10 years I had to be her life support. Last year, she lay almost unconscious. Then my aunt underwent a difficult surgery. I looked after her as well.

I lived with a tyrannical mother-in-law for 20 years. After my mother’s death, I went to her house and lived there alone. When the mother-in-law was 87 years old, we took her to our place, as she could not live alone anymore. I cared for her for at least 10 years. All the rest of my free time, I was busy with chores – children, household work, garden, sewing, needlework.

It was alien for me to get any pleasure for myself; it was hard to engage in my appearance, outfits, and jewelry.

My work was quite successful, there were no serious conflicts, I was always appreciated. After working for almost 5 years in retirement, I stopped working. In the summer, I wanted to go to the country and do my favorite things.

It was only 3-4 months after my retirement when my pensioner husband decided to get him an 18-year-old who naturally needed his money and gifts — there is no fool to the old fool, as they say. He completely lost his head and was about to sell his half of the apartment; he quarreled with his best friend.

For me it was a great shock, I could not imagine my life without him, and at the same time I felt very sorry when seeing his physical condition. A lot of time passed until, with the help of our sons, the husband came to his senses, said let’s forget everything, we will not return to this. He became very attentive to the family and did a lot of valuable and useful things. And I devoted all my time to matters related to the well-being of the family. I did more than ordinary women’s affairs (repair and construction work, work on the site, etc.).

It was in 2012, and in the spring of 2013 I fell. Doctors at the central district hospital determined a bruised lung, but did not say anything about the strongest pain in the spine. After several nights spent sitting (which was absolutely impossible to do), I decided to have a CT scan taken myself. It revealed a vertebral fracture, a hemangioma, and hernia, so they prescribed me pills and told me to wait for it to pass. At home, my husband was always at work and came home tired. My children lived in a different place (although they tried to pay me visits). My mother-in-law, who was 96, had been bedridden for a year, so she had to be turned over, dressed, fed, and washed. Cooking, cleaning, and washing — were all my responsibilities. I was very hurt, but I could not say that I would not do anything. I waited for the pain to go away for two, four, six months, and there was constant pain in the bones, and the stomach began to freak up.

And there was this terrible diagnosis. I did gastroscopy, and the doctor called me himself. He told me not to waste time at the local oncologist and go straight to the regional center; they will perform a surgery for free within a month. In fact, to get there you need to undergo testing (if it’s free for 3-4 weeks), then pre-register you in a week and, after the first visit, they will appoint you for a second gastroscopy in two more weeks, and there you once again need your tests.

There are many clinical oncology centers in Moscow, but it’s just useless to go there, as oncology is treated for free at one’s place of residence. And I have a fast-developing form of cancer. I heard cancer is not a condemnation, it is just had to be cured on time. A week after I found out about the disease, I turned to the oncological center in Belarus, I thought they would admit me to hospital and perform a surgery. But when they checked my CT and MRI scans, they said that they won’t do it, as it was too late for the surgery; I had cancer in my bones. We won’t make forecasts, but you’ll probably live for several months, they said.

It did sound like a condemnation. My condition began to deteriorate rapidly, my weight dropped sharply, scleral icterus progressed, pain was tormenting. I recalled my colleague who could not wait until she turned 55 and reached retirement age, so she could do what she loved. She retired, and a year later she was diagnosed with cancer; it was too late to perform a surgery. She had one course of chemotherapy, and a week later she died (two months after detection). After that, I could not make myself quit for two years.

I began to read information on the Internet. It said that with my type of cancer, if the bones are affected, then such a patient cannot be saved.

I was sorry that I did not have much time to do what I dreamed about. But most of all I was afraid of the idea of becoming bedridden, that they would look after me.

I went to the regional center, which made a painful impression on me. It’s just a meat grinder, where people are let in for show. They don’t answer any questions (what treatment methods are available, what kind of examination can be done), they only ask their questions on which you need to check the boxes. The doctor holds a CT scan in his hands and says it would be nice if you yourself (at your own expense) made a CT scan. I told him that he was holding it in his hands, but he did not say anything about it. Do a second gastroscopy and then come, he said.

My husband and children were worried about me. They took me to consultations and examinations. Through friends they found a doctor who agreed to take me to the test program for the new drug. But I didn’t have the receptors that the new medicine was acting on. I was enrolled in a day hospital for chemotherapy.

I read about my problem on the Internet, but couldn’t do it for a long time. The pictures and perspectives made me sick.

In early December, I found information about Vlad Svetoch’s Center of Self-Realization Psychology. I immediately wanted to get there in order to somehow free myself from painful thoughts. I did not want to talk about my problem with my relatives, I did not want to poison their lives.

After attending the first consultation, I felt that it was my salvation. I’m a shy person, I’m not used to talking about my feelings with anyone, but the atmosphere of the Center made me forgot about my shyness. I realized that Vlad Evgenievich can really help me. The cost of the course (which takes place in the center of Moscow) is not based on the income of an ordinary pensioner. I decided to use my savings, which would be enough (since I did not want to torment my loved ones) for the month at the hospice.

From the very first lessons, I felt relieved. Constant thoughts that I was in pain (which was quite tolerable), and it would be worse with every moment, and as the doctors said, I would very soon need the drugs — all of this was gone. On the contrary, I began to notice that my pain was comfortable. I did not have constant pain, I did not need outside help, I could do all necessary things myself.

Vlad Svetoch’s Center teaches to love and accept yourself. Having mastered this technique, you look at the world with different eyes, do not focus on the bad, but notice and appreciate the good.

While studying at the Center, I began to notice that my thoughts were changing. It was not my nature to think about my feelings, to analyze them. I figured that if I did not do anything bad to anyone deliberately and do not wish them bad and do not commit offenses, I live correctly. I often thought about the problems of my loved ones, felt sorry for them, and thought of ways how I could help them. Very often, for hours, days, weeks, or even more, I was depressed by thoughts of the “unjust”, in my opinion, deeds of any person.

Vlad Evgenievich taught me to pay attention to my thoughts, to evaluate whether I need them or these are negative thoughts that bring me harm and destruction. He taught me how to work with negative thoughts.

All the techniques taught at the Center are clear; they are easily and pleasantly performed. I want to note the pleasure I received from the healthy diet technique. Having learned about the disease, I read on the Internet what you can and cannot eat. One site says the product is useful, and another that it is harmful. Each meal turned into a painful procedure for me. I had to give up my favorite foods and eat what I did not like. It was a constant reminder that I did not have much time. But after applying the healthy eating methodology, food became a pleasure for me.

Vlad Evgenievich does not reject medical treatment; on the contrary, he teaches how to make the treatment much more effective and painless. When I started chemotherapy courses, they said it would be nice to do eight sessions, but you can hardly stand six. I was prescribed strong drugs that not only destroy cancer cells, but also have a detrimental effect on the whole body. Thanks to my psychological attitude, not only did I manage to withstand eight sessions, but also easily underwent dropper procedures, practically did not use antiemetic drugs, and my blood counts (test taken every week) did not drop to a critical level.

As a result of training at the Vlad Svetoch Psychology Center, I can control the state of my body myself. I no longer regret about money and time spent on myself. I’m less irritable. I began to pay attention to my appearance. I ceased to be shy. Other people’s actions do not upset me.

The change in my condition was noticed not only by my relatives, but also by completely alien people. When I started going to the Psychology Center, I entered the subway car, and people would not only let me take their seat, but literally jumped up. I thought, have people really changed this much? After about two months, no one got up when I entered the car. Occasionally, before taking an empty seat, young people let me take it instead.

Now it’s been six months since the start of training at the Psychology Center. The 8th course of chemotherapy is about to end, after which there will be an examination. An interim examination showed that the tumor volume has decreased. I feel comfortable doing the necessary things, as well as my favorite things. I don’t care what the examination will show. Even if the tumor remains, I know that it will not develop.

I’m alive! I returned to life thanks to the Vlad Svetoch’s Center of Self-Realization Psychology. Thank you so much Vlad Evgenievich!



My state of mind was very grave. I felt constant anxiety, had a sleep disorder and loss of appetite. On the Internet, I came across a lecture by Vlad Svetoch on the correction of state in people with oncology and decided to try out these techniques. I took part in sessions in parallel with chemotherapy courses. I endured chemotherapy much better than a year ago, although the body was weakened. I led an active lifestyle. Twice a week, I attended Vlad Evgenievich’s sessions in Moscow, where I came from the Moscow region by public transport, walked a lot, and went to work. I had a great desire and FAITH in myself because of these techniques. After the sessions, many things in my life have changed. I am calm, I feel great, adequately relate to all kinds of examinations, I do not focus on them, I feel comfortable. Thank you so much Vlad Evgenievich for your professionalism and patience in working with me.

With respect and gratitude, Olga



There were no other thoughts than about my diagnosis. It was difficult to look into the future; it seemed vague. I was an absolutely lost, suffering, and sick person! Now it’s different! I don’t want to be like that!

I express my deep gratitude to Vlad Evgenievich Svetoch for his attentive attitude towards me, his professionalism and perseverance in delivering materials of his wonderful technique, which flips over a person’s worldview, makes them look at life circumstances differently, takes them out of depression and aims at recovery, good luck and prosperity in all spheres of life! Many thanks to the center staff for their understanding and support.

Sincerely, Svetlana



The meeting with him justified the difficult years preceding it. For a long time, I was in a serious mental condition, which exacerbated by the loss of a loved one. I knew that I could not cope with it myself, but after talking with one respected specialist, I gave up on any ideas of me seeking such assistance. Fortunately, due to long-standing malfunctions in the body, I ended up in hospital, from where I was soon discharged without having received any treatment, but with a referral for further examinations.\

The terminology used was not inspiring at all, but it spurred me on. Three months ago, I came to the Center of Psychology. The methods of Vlad Evgenievich surprised me more and more, especially their effectiveness and fundamentality. Their author, a translator from the language of the subconscious, Practitioner, Master of Life, surprises me as well. I see positive changes in various fields, from health to relationships in the family and with people around me. Fear, inflatedness and tension give up their positions. I enjoy simple things, the very fact of being. I hear and understand people differently. Time has stopped the race of days resembling one another. Spiritual literature that I have read over many years broadened my horizons. The same applies to various practices. The transition from knowledge to doing was carried out here, at the Center of Psychology. A pleasant surprise. As one literary hero used to say, “I am only starting to live.” To people reading these lines, and to myself, I wish strength of spirit.

I am immensely grateful to Vlad Evgenievich. Oksana.



Two years of chemotherapy, but the disease slowly advanced. And when I listened to the lectures of Vlad Evgenievich on oncopsychology and his methods, I realized that there was a chance that the disease could be defeated. At the first meeting, Vlad Evgenievich instilled hope for recovery. With the help of his techniques, I learned to love myself. I realized that I could overcome everything. I believed in my healing and realized that with my thoughts I can change a lot in my life, manage my health and emotions. Now after all the work done, I feel great. I have a lot of energy, I can do what I want, I feel like a healthy person. And, of course, my emotional state is not comparable to when I came to the center. I’m optimistic about the future and very grateful to Vlad Evgenievich for his work with me, for his professionalism, for not allowing me to turn back and deviate from the path to healing.

The last examination showed that the disease did not progress, and I believe — I know for sure — that I can pass this test and defeat the disease for good.

Sincerely, Irina


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