Psychological signs of impending cancer

Психологические признаки приближения рака

Conventional medicine is yet to recognize that cancer is a psychosomatic disease. At the same time, many academic papers by oncologists draw specific conclusions about the relationship between cancer and the mental state. This contradiction makes little sense. Continuous denial of the existence of a relationship between mind and body will not make it any less true.

In this article we shall not delve into the reasons this is kept this way (why doctors refuse to recognize the psychological component of the disease), because that is a whole other matter. Although, some of you may be able to understand why, all one needs to do is look at the current state of affairs in oncology.

But let us continue.

Today we see a great push towards early detection of cancer. It does make sense, because it’s easier for doctors to deal with cancer if the disease is diagnosed early. This practice leads to less expensive treatments and improves the survival rates. What’s more, the majority of people don’t believe or simply don’t want to understand that the real causes of cancer are hidden within the psyche. These people are the ones that need early detection and swift medical responses. At the very least, it will allow them to increase their life expectancy somewhat.

However, those who understand the roots of cancer (in addition to conventional treatment) take steps to eliminate the actual causes of the disease and thus aim to change their inner self. Importantly, one shouldn’t confuse elimination of the real causes of the disease with attempts to solve one’s mental issues: these are completely different things. The causes of cancer lie in an unhealthy outlook on life, and mental issues are simply negative emotions with specific causes. Solving of individual problems won’t significantly affect one’s outlook as a whole, which means the underlying cause will remain unaffected.

The truth is that cancer is a psychosomatic disease of psychogenic nature, which in turn means that it occurs under the influence of psychological factors. On a daily basis people of today are exposed to a huge number of external stressors. This results in chronic stresses with various manifestations, and they, in turn, threaten to cause severe diseases, including cancer.

So, what are the psychological signs of impending cancer?

Here are the most significant ones:

  • suppression and displacement of anger and resentment;
  • groundless or compulsive anxiety and fear;
  • excessive patience, passivity, obedience, and modesty;
  • dependence on the opinions of others, tendency to comply with and submit to significant others and figures of authority, a so-called goody two-shoes syndrome;
  • tendency to avoid conflict, lack of desire to fight for justice;
  • refusal to acknowledge stresses and tendency to pretend that nothing bad is going on becomes a habitual way of dealing with said stresses;
  • lack of will to meet one’s needs paired with a tendency to sacrifice them in order to satisfy the needs of others;
  • unprompted feelings of melancholy and depression; disposition to feel despair, apathy, mental weariness; and difficulties with adapting to changing circumstances;
  • chronic feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, displaced into the subconscious.

If you recognize even 2 – 3 signs, then the time has come to take the issue seriously and start following the steps outlined above.

Psychological signs of impending cancer

Vlad Svetoch

Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D), Practicing psychologist, systemic oncopsychologist. READ MORE

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