Do microwaves really cause cancer?

Правда ли, что микроволновка вызывает рак?

People have always been wary of the new. This is especially true if they don’t understand how it works. This is the reason there exists a common belief that microwave ovens cause cancer. Let us take a closer look at this issue.

To begin with, if microwave ovens were in any way harmful to the human body, then their production would have been stopped long ago. The fact is that any appliance used by people undergoes environmental testing. This a prerequisite for a certificate of conformity, required for a product to be mass produced. Do you really think that the microwave ovens would still be in use if they posed any danger to the human body? This is to say you are as likely to develop cancer from a microwave oven as from a hair dryer or electric razor.

Scientifically speaking, the microwaves that are used in the microwave ovens affect only the temperature of food. Every article of food we eat has a certain amount of water in it. And water, as everybody knows, consists of molecules with positively charged hydrogen ions and negatively charged oxygen ions, which creates two electric poles – positive and negative. The process of heating is caused by thermal fluctuations of the molecules, which happen between these poles. You should know that all microwave ovens are shielded and the microwaves can only affect objects that are inside the oven and therefore they pose no danger to humans.

This is all to say that microwave ovens cause cancer in the same way healthy lifestyles do: it is absolutely impossible to develop cancer because of one, unless a person has intrusive thoughts about it. In fact, even for people who are health conscious, cancer is not caused by what they eat, but by their frame of mind.  Health anxiety, tendency to negatively relate to their surroundings, and excessive desire to exert control over the smallest things all can lead to various diseases, including cancer.

Do microwaves really cause cancer?

Vlad Svetoch

Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D), Practicing psychologist, systemic oncopsychologist. READ MORE

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